Designated Supervisor Requirements – Foundation Training

Designated Supervisor Requirements for the 2025/26 Foundation Training Programme

In the 2025/26 Foundation Training Year, NHS England will be taking on the responsibility for the Quality Management of the Foundation Training Year for all foundation trainee pharmacists in England. This will include assuring the quality of supervision.

Working with the GPhC, NHS England has developed principles for the role of Designated Supervisor that will be used from the 2025/26 training year. These principles as designed to support quality of education and ensure patient safety.

Key messages:

  • A Designated Supervisor may supervise more than one trainee pharmacist (previously only permitted to supervise one trainee pharmacist).
  • There will no longer be the requirement for a Designated Supervisor to have a minimum of 28 hours over four days with the trainee pharmacist.


Learn more now: Designated Supervisor Requirements for 2025/26 Foundation Training Programme

This document is available to download from the website: Implementing the Foundation Pharmacist Training Year 2025/26.