Accounts and Annual Reviews

Accounts and Annual reports

Community pharmacy Leicestershire and Rutland is constitutionally required to produce an Annual Report within six months of our year end.

We take this opportunity not only to reflect on the past 12 months performance but to re-focus on the coming challenges and opportunities.

The report contains a statement of accounts and is circulated to our constituent contractors and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee within six months of the completion of the period to which the report relates.

The report also includes details of all remuneration, expenses and allowances paid to Officers and Members during the year. Within six months of the end of the Committee’s financial year an Annual General Meeting is convened with at least 28 days notice given to contractors. At the Annual General Meeting the Annual Report is presented and any other business as necessary conducted

Key reports:

  • with documents listed year by year (most recent year at top)
LPC Accounts 2020 – 21

((M Bharuchi – Treasurer)

Treasurer’s EOY report 2022-2023

Leicestershire & Rutland LPC – FS YE 31.03.23

LPC Accounts 2019-20

(M Bharuchi – Treasurer)

Leicestershire and Rutland LPC Annual Report 2020

Treasurer’s Report 2019-20

LPC Receipts & Payments Account & Statement of Assets 2020

LPC Accounts 2018-19

(A Thomas – Treasurer & M Bharuchi new Treasurer)

Treasurer’s Report 2018-19

LPC Receipts & Payments Account & Statement of Assets 2019 (i)

LPC Receipts & Payments Account & Statement of Assets 2019 (ii)