CPL&R Committee

We are here to support and represent the Pharmacy Community of Leicestershire and Rutland


Viral Patel Satyan Kotecha
Chair Vice Chair
I have worked various roles for a Boots and now am a Pharmacist Support Manager. I am very assionate about community pharmacy and the role pharmacists can play to this. I love helping people and am passionate about how pharmacists can demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and leadership in a continuously changing role.

(1) Meet our Chair – YouTube

Satyan is a pharmacist with over 25 years of experience working in Community Pharmacy and strategic roles including as a PEC (Professional Executive Committee) Pharmacist.

He is the Vice-Chair of Leicestershire and Rutland Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) and member of Warwickshire LPC

Vice Chair – Satyan Kotecha – YouTube

Ron Gregson Altaf Vaiya
CCA Representative  Treasurer
Hi everyone my name is Ron and I’ve been a Pharmacist for almost 30 years. I work for Boots and have held many different roles over my time in Community Pharmacy. I really enjoy supporting patients to have better health and believe that Pharmacists have an incredible gift to do that. On the LPC I support the development of your PCN Lead Pharmacists and plan how they support you as Contractors in making a difference to your and your Communities. I have 13 years of experience providing Pharmacy services, particularly in business development and pharmacy business strategy. Since 2020 I have been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Leicestershire & Rutland’s Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs), serving and representing all the NHS contractors in our area.



Aadil Mitha Shoaib Haji Kishan Kotecha
Independent Independent Independent
With over 10 years of experience in many different sectors of pharmacy, I have developed a broad range of skills and a passion of helping others.

I am currently superintendent for an online pharmacy but spend most of my time working as a community pharmacist.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the committee

I qualified in 2014 following my pre-registration training with Brennan’s Pharmacy.
Since then, I have worked for Boots and have also held various locum roles at independent pharmacies within the county. Currently, I work in operations and management for a small independent group.
I am passionate about how Community Pharmacy can improve and enrich the lives of our patients and look forward to representing contractors within the county.
I have a great passion for Pharmacy especially community pharmacy and have always placed patients at the centre of everything I do throughout my 17 years of experience, which has taken me from working with Gordon Davis, Co-op, Saffron Pharmacy group to being a director at United Healthcare Group Ltd.
I am also Superintendent and Head of operations at Saffron group which consists of 15 Pharmacies. Having to juggle all these roles means I have developed very strong multi-tasking and problem solving skills as, at times, I am a very busy man!
Alongside my great passion for pharmacy, I also have the most important and rewarding job in the world, and that is being a father to my 3 wonderful children.
Shezad Alimahomed Nadya Jethwa Rahul Patel
CCA Repre Independent AiMp
Shezad, a qualified pharmacist with a successful background within the community sector. Over the years, he has held various positions at Boots UK, including Store Manager, Pharmacy Field leadership roles and Area Manager. Additionally, he gained valuable experience in the independent sector during the early years of his pharmacy career.

Shezad has consistently demonstrated his ability to grow pharmacy businesses through strong leadership across different roles. Currently, he serves as the Head of Stores for Boots UK, overseeing approximately 270 stores in the East of England. Furthermore, Shezad has been an active CCA LPC member (April 2012-2014, April 2017-June 2021 & June 2023 – Present) and held the position of vice chair for a year in 2018.

I am a passionate and committed independent community Pharmacist for over 10 years. Running the local pharmacy in Market Bosworth ensures I am on the front line providing services with first-hand experience of the changes and struggles pharmacy endures. I am keen to be part of the progression and move with pharmacy in the future. I am Rahul Patel, a pharmacist for over 10 years and a new pharmacy contractor. I am here representing AIM members, strongly believing in the ethos of independent pharmacies. I am a passionate service driven pharmacist having experience in a variety of different roles from locum based to superintendent to surgery based. I have hopes for the pharmacy sector in the future and strive to ensure that we can all be well prepared to embrace it.”