Community Pharmacy

In summer 2021 PSNC launched a video animation showcasing the important work that community pharmacies do and explaining how, with sustainable funding and ongoing support from Government, their role could be developed further.

Local pharmacies save the NHS half a million GP appointments every week and have been on the frontline of the UK’s COVID-19 response. They have been working hard to maintain the health services that local communities need, but pressures on pharmacies themselves are constant. Whilst they stand ready to play an even bigger role in the recovery from the pandemic, pharmacies need to be fairly funded by the NHS and HM Government to ease financial pressures and avoid patient services being cut. 

Drawing on the results of its 2021 Pharmacy Advice Audit, PSNC has developed this animation to help raise awareness of the value of pharmacy services, and how patients and the NHS might be impacted if they were no longer there.

The value of pharmacy – Community Pharmacy England (